Welcome to Ailean Environmental Ltd!

 Hello and welcome to Ailean Environmental Ltd.’s website. Ailean is a “green” products company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in the sales and distribution of environmentally friendly building materials and technologies. The company was founded by longtime friends Steve Mayer and Chris Craig. Together they have over 60 years experience in the traditional energy construction and technology industries. They founded Ailean under the belief that everyone should take care of the environment. They started this company to showcase the alternative routes in being environmentally “green”. We’re here because of our dedication to the environment and our belief that it’s every ones responsibility to chip in and lessen the impact that they have upon our earth. Often, people shy away from being “green” or using environmentally friendly methods because sometimes it’s too difficult or too expensive. That might have been true in the past, but now the technology has improved greatly to change those old stereotypes. Here at Ailean we have taken it upon ourselves to help make being green as easy and affordable as possible. We specialize in super efficient LED lighting and site located wind generators but we’re ever expanding, searching for the newest technologies to keep our planet as green and beautiful as possible. We have lighting for every type of project. From overhead factory lighting, to street lights, even LED replacement for the fluorescent fixtures in your office. We can change your lighting and cut your electricity demand up to half and take away the inconvenience of constant replacement.


What does Ailean mean? It’s an old Celtic saying that means ‘from the earth’. This name was chosen because we believe in a natural level of construction. Our company has a few goals on mind. Our first goal is striving to find environmental products that really make a difference. Our second goal is bringing them to you, the consumer. From houses, to hospitals, to any sort of project we believe that there are so many easy things anyone and everyone can do to reduce their environmental footprint. We’re here to show that being green just isn’t easy, but affordable too.